Breckenridge's Rental Market: Tin Plate Pizza's Housing


In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge, Colorado, is a picturesque town. Best know for its world-class skiing, outdoor adventures, and vibrant community, Breckenridge is the place to be. However, this charming alpine paradise faces a unique challenge: a soaring demand for short-term rentals. It also deals with a shortage of affordable single family homes.

In this article, we’ll look at Breckenridge’s real estate market and explore how Tin Plate Pizza has supported its staff. Known for its house-made sourdough bread and artisan pizzas, Tin Plate has tackled the housing dilemma for its employees.

The Allure of Breckenridge

Breckenridge, often referred to as “Breck” by locals, boasts a thriving tourism industry that draws visitors from across the globe. The town’s main attraction is Breckenridge Ski Resort, boasting world-class skiing and snowboarding opportunities during the winter. In warmer months, it transforms into a playground for hiking, biking, and other outdoor pursuits during the summer.

This constant influx of tourists has encouraged the growth of the short-term rental market. Unfortunately, this has made it increasingly challenging for locals, including employees of businesses like Tin Plate Pizza, to secure affordable housing.

The Short-Term Rental Boom

The allure of Breckenridge as a year-round destination has spurred a remarkable surge in the short-term rental market. Visitors flock to this charming town for weekend getaways, extended vacations, and seasonal adventures. Airbnb, Vrbo, and other online platforms have made it easier than ever for property owners to list as short-term rentals. While this boom has been a boon for property owners, it has posed several challenges for local businesses and residents.

The Challenges of Affordable Housing

The escalating demand for short-term rentals in Breckenridge has had a cascading effect on the housing market. The limited inventory of available long term housing units, has driven up property prices and rents in Breckenridge. These increases are often difficult for local workers, particularly those in the restaurant and service industries.

Many small businesses in Breckenridge, including restaurants like Tin Plate Pizza, rely on seasonal employees to cater to tourists. Securing affordable and reliable housing for these employees has become a daunting task. Accordingly, Tin Plate Pizza’s unique approach to addressing the housing challenge stands out as a beacon of innovation and community support.

Tin Plate Pizza: A Slice of Innovation

Tin Plate Pizza has earned a reputation for its exceptional culinary offerings, including house-made sourdough bread and 12″ artisan pizzas. While Tin Plate’s delectable menu is well-known, its innovative approach to employee housing is also renowned.

As a local business, Tin Plate Pizza recognized the growing housing crisis in Breckenridge. They understood that providing stable and affordable housing would attract dedicated employees and enhance the overall health of their team. This realization led them to believe that offering stable and cheap housing would have dual benefits. They believed it would not only bring in committed employees but also improve the overall health of their team.

The Tin Plate Pizza Employee Housing Initiative

After COVID19, home sales in Summit County and Breckenridge soared. The Federal Government was printing money, and the interest rates were low despite what Washington DC tried to prevent. Property managers became busier than ever as homes exchanged hands and the vacation rental market exploded. With a dwindling housing supply, Tin Plate Pizza had to take action.

Tin Plate Pizza’s employee housing initiative is a testament to the power of creativity and community engagement. Most importantly, it addresses the quality of life concerns that many employees have. Here’s a closer look at how this innovative program works:

  1. Shared Housing: Tin Plate Pizza has acquired multiple housing units within Breckenridge and converted them housing for their employees. This approach optimizes the available space and resources, allowing more team members to benefit from the program. It also improves social interactions among team members.
  2. Fair Costs: The cost of living in Breckenridge can be high, especially with a median income. While Breckenridge has a number of housing agencies, Tin Plate Pizza subsidizes a portion of the rent for its employees. This financial support ensures that their team members can live comfortably in the area without straining their finances.
  3. Community Building: By housing their employees together, Tin Plate Pizza fosters a sense of community. This not only enhances the work environment, but it also creates a support network for employees. This is especially true for employees far from their family members.
  4. Transportation: Tin Plate Pizza understands the importance of accessible transportation, especially during the snowy winter months. The housing units in town allow easy access to the free public bus system that Summit County provides.
  5. Flexible Leases: Recognizing the seasonal nature of their workforce, Tin Plate Pizza offers flexible lease terms. This allows employees the freedom to work for TIn Plate Pizza as long as they wish to live in Breckenridge.
  6. Partnerships: Tin Plate Pizza collaborates with local organizations and agencies in the United States to identify housing opportunities. The goal is to access resources that support their employee housing program.
  7. Employee Well-Being: Tin Plate Pizza invests in the overall well-being of its staff. They offer resources and guidance on budgeting, financial literacy, and personal development, ensuring that their employees thrive in Breckenridge.

The Impact of Tin Plate Pizza’s Initiative

Tin Plate Pizza’s efforts to solve the housing problem in Breckenridge have greatly affected its staff and the community.

  1. Employee Retention: The stability and low cost of housing have significantly increased employee retention rates. With a dedicated and satisfied workforce, Tin Plate Pizza can consistently deliver outstanding service to its patrons.
  2. Community Integration: By housing their employees in Breckenridge, Tin Plate Pizza has integrated their team members into the community. This not only benefits their employees but also fosters a stronger sense of community in Breckenridge.
  3. Positive Reputation: Tin Plate Pizza’s housing initiative has garnered positive attention from both locals and visitors. Customers appreciate the commitment of this local business to its employees and the community, leading to increased patronage.
  4. Local Economy: By investing in housing, Tin Plate Pizza indirectly supports the local economy. Their employees spend their income within the community, bolstering the town’s economic vibrancy.
  5. Inspiration for Others: Tin Plate Pizza’s innovative approach serves as an inspiration to other businesses in Breckenridge. It demonstrates that we can find creative solutions to address housing challenges in the United States.

Navigating the Future

Breckenridge’s rental market is changing. Tin Plate Pizza shows that community-focused solutions can work. Despite housing challenges, Breckenridge’s residents and businesses are determined to address these issues, showing their resilience and spirit.

Breckenridge, Colorado, is a town where the short-term rental market has grown a lot. This boom has presented unique challenges, particularly in the realm of affordable housing for the local workforce.

Tin Plate Pizza’s innovative approach to employee housing demonstrates their dedication to their team members. It also showcases the power of community-driven solutions in addressing housing crises.

As Breckenridge navigates the future, the lessons learned from businesses like Tin Plate Pizza are important to keep in mind. They can serve as a guiding light for sustainable growth and community in this enchanting mountain town.