Happy Hour in Breckenridge, CO

Happy Hour in Breckenridge, CO

Happy Hour is always a great way to reconnect with friends and family over great food and drinks.. The Best Happy Hour in Breckenridge is found at Tin Plate with an amazing assortment of food and cocktails, but also a great discount to encourage a larger get-together with all those friends and family. In Breckenridge, happy hour specials are everywhere, but what sets Tin Plate apart is our combination of sourdough bread-based appetizers, and our assortment of wine, beer, and spirits. That said, you can’t have the best happy hour without an amazing ambience and incredible staff to serve you.

Sourdough Bread: The Start to the Best Happy Hour in Breckenridge

One of Tin Plate’s most popular appetizers, especially for Breckenridge happy hour, is the Bread and Butter. House sourdough bread baked fresh coupled with Tin Plate’s house made 24-hour cultured butter is an incredible combination on a cold winter afternoon, or with a cold glass of bubbly prosecco on a warm summer night. The sourdough bread steals the show. After our dough team has worked tirelessly to develop gluten over a 12-hour period, the dough is cold fermented for an additional 48 hours. If that wasn’t enough, what sets Tin Plate apart for Breck happy hour is the fact that the bread is baked to order. Hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven bread with salty, cultured butter just can’t be beat. Tin Plate Pizza’s sourdough bread special is the perfect start to the best happy hour Breckenridge has ever seen.

Meatballs with Sourdough Bread

If sourdough bread and cultured butter aren’t your thing, step up your happy hour in Breckenridge with house-made house made beef and pork meatballs. Seasoned with a combination of Grana Padano cheese, salt, pepper, chili flakes, fennel seed, parsley, and toasted sourdough breadcrumbs, Tin Plate’s meatballs are incredible, especially since it is served with a side of our house sourdough bread. Served in a cast iron pot with our seasoned pomodoro sauce, these meatballs go great with one of the cold, local beers we keep on tap. Or pair our meatballs with a glass of recommended red wine, cocktail, or some of our other tasty appetizers for a perfect happy hour Breckenridge spread that’s sure to please everyone in your group. What better way to ring in the evening than with discounted meatballs and bread with a local draft beer as a part of one of the best happy hours in Breckenridge?

Go Green: Grilled Caesar Salad

Salad is often an afterthought, but not at Tin Plate, especially as part of our Breckenridge happy hour specials. We believe that even salads can be showstoppers in Breckenridge. Best happy hour salads in Colorado need to be meticulously crafted. That’s why we’ve perfected our grilled Caesar salad recipe – and we can’t wait for you to try it. Just imagine a grilled head of romaine lettuce sliced in half, creamy house caesar dressing, sourdough breadcrumbs, and shredded Grana Padano cheese on top. Now, picture yourself eating this gorgeous salad with a glass of wine surrounded by your friends and family. It is easily one of the best parts of happy hour in Breckenridge at Tin Plate. We make the dressing ourselves in-house, and we grill the romaine heads that are purchased daily from the best produce supplier in Colorado. We use our house made sourdough bread to create the toasted bread crumbs, along with baked parmesan cheese crisps to add an extra layer of crunch and flavor. Be sure to make this a staple when you visit Tin Plate for happy hour in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Spice It Up: Warm Spiced Olives

When it comes to olives, it is crucial to start with the best. We use Divina olives as an addition to one of the best happy hours in Breckenridge. Their hand-picked collection of smoky and fruity Kalamata olives, smooth and buttery Mt. Athos, and firm and savory Mt. Pelion are a supreme mix of olives. Cured in red wine vinegar and a custom mix of aromatic wild herbs and spices, they deliciously represent happy hour in Breckenridge, Colorado. The olives are grown on indigenous land in Greece using sustainable farming practices, are harvested at their peak, and crafted with care and tradition. To take our Breck happy hour to the next level, we saute the olives with thyme, garlic, Calabrian chiles, and lemon peel to really enhance the natural flavor of the olives. Served with our house bread, these warm spiced olives are set to ignite happy hour in Breckenridge.

Wine, Beer, and Spirits: A Happy Hour Must

When it comes to cocktails, Tin Plate really elevates the Breckenridge happy hour scene. We believe that a great drink is just as important as good food in any Breckenridge restaurant. Best happy hour specials should come with a range of house-made mules, refreshing spritzes, and carefully selected wines and beers for you to enjoy. On tap, we rotate our local draft beers between Highside Brewing, Broken Compass, and Breckenridge Brewery. We always try to keep three additional taps with a consistent variety. Currently playing is the amazing Wibby Brewing Co Vienna Lager, The Aspen Brewing “Excess in Moderation” Hazy IPA, and the Dry Dock Apricot Blonde ale. After a discounted beer, don’t forget about a house glass of red or white wine, or bring your afternoon up a notch with one of our mules: Kentucky, Moscow Mexican, and London are some of our favorite mule destinations for Breckenridge Happy Hour. If something a bit more bubbly is in order, don’t miss out on our Aperol Spritz and Campari Spritz.

Dessert: The Best Happy Hour Should Offer a Cookie

Our sister bakery, Dynamite Cookies, is the only high-country bakery in Colorado to serve sourdough cookies as its primary staple. Where Tin Plate Pizza wins is the fact that the sourdough cookies are baked fresh and served warm, made available to all of our customers. Savor the warm, gooey goodness of our sourdough cookies while taking in the beautiful Breckenridge  mountain scenery from our open patio, or kick back and relax with friends in our cozy tavern. When we started to envision what we would offer during the best happy hour, Breckenridge seemed to be in need of an amazing new type of cookie. With high altitude comes high problems for bakers. Lo and behold, sourdough became our saving grace to ensure our cookies were crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside. Chocolate Chip was our first cookie to embrace the new sourdough technique, followed by the rest of our staples: oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia, snickerdoodle, and chocolate chocolate chip. After sitting and enjoying Tin Plate for the best happy hour in Breckenridge, do not forget to try one of these amazing sourdough cookies.

Ambience: It’s Where You Want to Be

Food and drinks aside, what can’t be forgotten when looking for happy hour in Breckenridge is the ambience. We’ll take this opportunity to humble brag. Our ambience is incredible. After spending nearly three years restoring an original mining cabin built in 1883, it became our mission to ensure that Tin Plate Artisan Pizza was somewhere friends and family would want to spend their time. To that end, we succeeded. The original log walls have been restored, a painstaking process involving removing years of grime and repairing the chinking between these 130+ year-old logs. To keep with the time period, we sourced hardwood from Denver to create a cozy atmosphere throughout. What can’t be forgotten is the intimate lighting we installed to add a degree of upscale class that certainly sets the mood. Couple all this with the aromatic allure of the sourdough bread being baked fresh and you’re in for an unforgettable experience. What better way to celebrate Breckenridge happy hour specials than to feel comfortable and relaxed in a historic part of Breckenridge’s history?

Happy Staff, Happy Customers

When it comes to Tin Plate, we ensure that our customers are well taken care of. Our staff is the very best; dedicated to the restaurant, dedicated to the customer, and dedicated to the quality of the food that our amazing kitchen staff creates on a daily basis. This really is the foundation for becoming one of the best happy hours in Breckenridge. While we can praise our staff day in and day out, we have been so fortunate to have had amazing customers review their experiences on Google and Trip Advisor. One of the best reviews we ever received is quoted below:

“Without exaggeration, one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had in the US. An absolutely great place in Breckenridge. If I returned and had just one night, I’d most likely return to this place.”

Another amazing review reads:

“Tin Plate is WOW! If you only eat at one restaurant in Breck, it needs to be this one! We started our evening with Mules and Meatballs! Even my two picky little eaters LOVED the meatballs and the marinara sauce! (My son especially loved the marinara sauce!) Then we chose the Meatball Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, and the White Pizza to share .. they were all so delicious, I don’t think I can pick a favorite!! If I ever visit Breckenridge again .. I will definitely be back to Tin Plate!”

We are highly dedicated to our customers, which is part of the reason we have managed to set ourselves apart from other amazing restaurants in Breckenridge. When it comes to the best happy hour, Breckenridge has lots of options, but Tin Plate certainly is one of the best to choose from. Our amazing staff will make sure of that.

Wrapping Up: The Best Happy Hour in Breckenridge

Between our various happy hour specials to keep all manner of your friends and family happy, our ambience, our staff, and not to mention our full menu which is always available, it’s hard to find another happy hour in Breckenridge that stands apart from the rest quite like Tin Plate. We do hope you will share your time with us at Tin Plate Artisan Pizza, whether for happy hour or for lunch or dinner! We are positive that with our incredible staff, our exquisite flavor combinations of pizza and cocktails, and our 139-year-old building, you and your friends and family will have an amazing experience at Tin Plate.