The Artisans Behind the Scenes: Crafting Culinary Magic at Tin Plate Pizza in Breckenridge, CO

When you walk into Tin Plate Pizza in Breckenridge, Colorado, you’re not just entering a pizzeria; you’re stepping into a haven of artisanal pizza perfection. Behind every mouthwatering slice lies a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about their craft. Let’s take a closer look at the key players who make Tin Plate Pizza an unforgettable experience.  
James Harris – Owner

James Harris, the visionary behind Tin Plate Pizza, has always had a love affair with pizza. His dream of creating a pizza haven in Breckenridge became a reality in 2021 when he opened the doors to his cozy pizzeria. James brings a personal touch to everything, from the menu to the decor, ensuring that every customer feels at home.  
Drisana Litke – General Manager

Drisana Litke, the General Manager, is the heartbeat of Tin Plate Pizza. Her vibrant personality and passion for excellent service infuse energy into the entire team. Drisana orchestrates the front of the house with finesse, ensuring that every guest has an unforgettable dining experience.  
Ally May – Assistant General Manager

Ally May, the Assistant General Manager, is a rising star at Tin Plate Pizza. With her impeccable attention to detail and remarkable problem-solving skills, Ally plays a pivotal role in maintaining a seamless operation. She’s the go-to person for ensuring that the front of the house runs like a well-oiled machine.  
Tom Candlin – Kitchen Manager

In the heart of the pizzeria, you’ll find the man behind the scenes ensuring the consistency of Tin Plate’s delectable pizzas, Tom Candlin. As Kitchen Manager, Tom brings his expertise to every pie. He’s known for experimenting with innovative toppings and keeping staff focused in the busy kitchen, ensuring that Tin Plate Pizza’s creations are always a cut above the rest.  
Wallace Chambers – Assistant Kitchen Manager

Wallace Chambers, the Assistant Kitchen Manager, is one of Tom’s right-hand men. Together, they form a dynamic duo responsible for executing the kitchen’s daily operations flawlessly. Wallace’s precision and dedication ensure that every pizza that leaves the kitchen meets Tin Plate’s high standards.  
Brian Patrick – Assistant Kitchen Manager

Brian Patrick, another vital member of the kitchen team, and the proverbial other right-hand man, brings his passion for the culinary arts to Tin Plate Pizza. His commitment to quality and his keen sense of flavor combinations make him an invaluable asset in the kitchen. After years in the kitchen, it is Brian’s meticulous approach to food preparation that elevates every dish to a work of art.   At Tin Plate Pizza, the art of crafting pizzas isn’t just about ingredients and techniques; it’s a labor of love. Each member of this talented team pours their heart and soul into their work, ensuring that every pizza that graces your table is a masterpiece. From the owner’s dream to the kitchen’s meticulous execution, the artisans behind the scenes at Tin Plate Pizza in Breckenridge, CO, create an experience that transcends the ordinary, one slice at a time.