Best Restaurants: Breckenridge & 6 Secrets of Becoming One

Restaurants in Breckenridge, CO, have a lot to offer on the food scene. While there are many great places to eat in Breckenridge, Tin Plate stands above the rest as one of the BEST places to eat in Breckenridge. Read on to find out what makes Tin Plate the best pizza in Breckenridge.

What Makes Tin Plate the Best Restaurant in Breckenridge?

Our Staff

The first thing that makes Tin Plate the best restaurant in Breckenridge is the care and attention our staff put in to make your experience the best it possibly can be. Our loyal and friendly staff is the backbone of Tin Plate, one of the most popular restaurants in Breckenridge, Colorado. From our curated wine list, locally sourced ingredients, signature cocktails, and homemade dough, everything is created with the customer in mind. Our staff aims to create an ambiance that is welcoming and a place to meet and break bread with family and friends. When visiting, we know many groups prioritize where to eat in Breckenridge, and we are proud to be one of the best places to eat in Breckenridge, CO. We have a wonderful staff at Tin Plate, many of whom have been with us since the very beginning. We aim to create a welcoming atmosphere for all, and that begins with our staff. We feel lucky that as one of the best restaurants Breckenridge, we have some of the best staff in town who are here to make your meal the best it can be.

Our Unique Home in the Heart of Breckenridge

When you are welcomed into our 138-year-old mining cabin, we hope you feel a sense of a home-away-from-home and a unique look into the history of Breckenridge. As a restaurant in Breckenridge, CO, in the heart of the historic district, we take great pride in our unique building, which was carefully restored in 2020 by a local architect and contractor team. We know you have many options for food in Breckenridge and we appreciate each and every person who chooses to dine with us. Breckenridge, Colorado, offers a wide range of dining options, but our special home in the historic district sets us apart as one of the best places to eat in Breckenridge if you’re looking to experience all the historic town has to offer. Home to the town’s gold assayer in 1887, Tin Plate is where Colorado’s largest gold nugget, colloquially named “Tom’s Baby”, was cleaned and weighed at 13.5 pounds. We like to honor our history wherever possible, and have named our specialty pizza with gold-wrapped flank steak “Tom’s Baby.” Blending modern-day innovation with rich history is not just in our ambiance, but in the essence of the food we serve. Step back in time and experience the history of our 138-year-old mining cabin, a unique gem among restaurants Breckenridge, CO, has to serve the community.

Our Sourdough

Our staff carefully follows a three-day process in creating our specialized sourdough pizza dough. For us, good, quality ingredients are at the core of what makes Tin Plate the best place to eat in Breckenridge. Our baking team gets to work early each morning, beginning the dough-making process at 5 AM, incorporating flour from Moxie Bread Company, our neighbor to the Northeast in Boulder, Colorado. We believe in sourcing locally whenever possible in order to create the best dining experience we can for our customers. We use sourdough for a number of reasons and truly believe it elevates our pizza above the rest. Our slow fermentation process begins the breakdown of protein, including gluten, which makes our dough easier to digest. This leaves you feeling perfectly satisfied rather than too full or sluggish after a large meal. For our gluten-free friends, we have an excellent crust option you can choose. Our sister shop Dynamite Cookies is the best restaurant in town for a warm cookie, and we’ve perfected the gluten-free chocolate chip so everyone can indulge in a little sweetness. We utilize our sourdough in our cookies as well and they really do stand above what other Breckenridge restaurants can offer. The sourdough cookie recipes are the brainchild of our owner James Harris who spent the better part of a year dialing in the recipes. The sourdough starter has been going for over 6 years and continues to serve us well. We love the history of our town and building, and the nod to sourdough miners used during the gold rush is poetic. We honor that history by using sourdough in many of our Breck restaurant’s cuisine items at Tin Plate.

Our Creative Flavors and Classic Pies

We are always excited to experiment with new flavors, combining sweet and sour to achieve the most unique and creative pizzas in Breckenridge. We like to bring in the whole team to sample new menu items, provide feedback, and tweak recipes to perfection. We are always on the search to find the best pizza flavor combinations we can. We know our customers come to us as one of the best restaurants in Breckenridge so we strive for excellence with every pizza we make. When you come in, be sure to try crowd favorites such as our Butternut Squash, Fig and Prosciutto, or Pineapple Pancetta. If you tend to prefer the classics, our Pepperoni, Margherita, and Sausage pizzas are some of the best food in Breckenridge. We take care to use quality ingredients and in turn, customers leave feeling good and satisfied, rather than over-full or greasy. Our team always strives to elevate flavor in each of our dishes, putting us at the top of the list of best restaurants Breckenridge has to offer.

Our Specialty Cocktails, Craft Beers, and Curated Wine List
Our bar staff are some of the best bartenders in Breckenridge! We love to hear their ideas for creative new cocktails to add to our menu. These change seasonally to complement our menu options and there is a cocktail for everyone. Our bartenders are also happy to work with you to create something you love from our full bar whether it’s a specialty order, a mocktail, or your go-to favorite drink. Enjoy a perfectly-spiced Bloody Mary after a morning skiing, or a Gin Gimlet to cap your night. When you’re having some of the best food in Breckenridge, we feel it helps elevate your meal to have the perfect cocktail to complement the excellent food. We are always fine-tuning our wine list to make sure we are offering the best wines to pair with our food. No matter if you’re coming in for a special event, date night, or a dinner with friends, be sure to check out our selection and share a bottle at one of the best places to eat in Breckenridge. We love to source locally, and our beer is no exception. We feature some of the best beers brewed in the high country from local favorites. Whether you’re into wine, beer, cocktails, or mocktails, our team is prepared to serve you.
Our Charming Ambiance

No matter what season you’re visiting Breckenridge, we have the perfect place for you and your group. Offering both indoor and outdoor dining options, space for large groups, or a cozy meal for two. Breckenridge restaurants like to take advantage of the beauty around us, and Tin Plate is no exception. From our front patio or indoor bar area you’ll enjoy gorgeous mountain views no matter the season. In the winter, our front patio turns into a cozy space to enjoy a cocktail complete with fire pit and Adirondack chairs. Grab a cookie and boozy hot chocolate from our sister shop Dynamite Cookies, put your feet up, and relax after a big day on the slopes. As one of the best restaurants in Breckenridge, we are dedicated to making your experience the best it can be. If you prefer to dine indoors we have a charming bar area with great views, or table seating in our main dining area or upstairs. If you’re traveling with a large group and are looking for a special way to celebrate an event, be sure to enquire about our private dining options. We have hosted weddings, rehearsal dinners, corporate events, birthday parties, and more. Private dining options at Breckenridge restaurants can be limited, but we are able to accommodate groups large and small with our offerings. We have embraced the historic quality of our building and find people are very drawn to it as one of the best restaurants in Breckenridge. So, grab a seat at Tin Plate today and enjoy our beautiful mountain town bistro with cozy indoor and outdoor dining options, and delicious food made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

When you and your group are deciding where to eat in Breckenridge, we hope you’ll remember Tin Plate – one of the best restaurants in Breck. From our thoughtfully designed menu, creative drink options, and historic ambiance we offer everything you need for a perfect night out. Come to enjoy the food in Breckenridge in one of the most unique dining experiences, with food you won’t forget, and staff who welcome you like family. Breckenridge, Colorado restaurants truly stand above the rest as a place where you can relax after a long day exploring our trails, the ski slopes, or shopping along Main Street. With so much to offer, both Breckenridge and Tin Plate are great places for family vacations, group trips, or a romantic getaway for two. We hope to see you on your next trip to town. Book your reservation today and discover why Tin Plate is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for the best restaurants in Breckenridge. And remember to reach out with any questions or for more information on private dining options. We are here to help you find the best food in Breckenridge!